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Local favorite, 420 , is a Denver Marijuana Dispensary specializes in recreational marijuana, recreational edibles, and recreational flower serving recreational customers. Our team is committed to offering a vast array of exclusive products showcasing quality choices and accommodating the unique, personal needs of each shopper. Order Today!

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The 420 heaven’s mission goes beyond providing you with product excellence. Our staff is committed to helping customers cultivate ongoing knowledge empowering you, the customer, to discover the very best products. Therefore, whether you are shopping for a medical marijuana need or for recreational cannabis fun, our Denver Marijuana Dispensary will provide you the most reliable and up to date information for you to make the best purchase choices. Do not hesitate to ask our staff at The Stone Dispensary all your questions! Above all, we are here to answer all questions and give you lasting confidence in your purchases.

We heavily invest in educating the Colorado community about the benefits of recreational cannabis. Educated consumers will be happier, more confident and satisfied with their recreational marijuana consumption choices. Accordingly, as part of our commitment to our patients and customers, we test all of our cannabis with Kaycha Labs Colorado. We would love for you to check out our preferred lab and see why this makes us so proud. The proof is in the science!

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420 heaven Dispensary offers an intimate, relaxing, and safe atmosphere.

Our clients are constantly praising 420 Heaven as the best Denver Dispensary. This praise stems from our focus on quality of products but also providing the highest level of service, privacy, and respect to each customer. Many of our loyal customers have been with us since 2016. Whether you are a new or a loyal customer, The Stone Dispensary promises to provide you with a menu of the best cannabis products, at the best cannabis deals prices. We would love for you to stop by our location and experience for yourself why we are the top Denver marijuana dispensary for all things recreational marijuana in Colorado. We have the best cannabis deals in town!


Many recreational cannabis connoisseur prefer to consume cannabis instead of smoke. That’s where Cannabis Edibles come in.

Cannabis Edibles come in many shapes, sizes and flavors making them the tastiest of cannabis categories. From delicious Cannabis Chocolates to Dutch Waffle treats, The Stone Dispensary has a plethora of Recreational Cannabis Edibles for your tasty pleasure.

At The Stone we have Cannabis Gummies, Sleep and Energy Dablets, to a Orange, cherry, and a pineapple elixir that is to die for! We also have assorted flavors in cannabis lozenges and marijuana suckers for you to choose from. Order Cannabis Edibles from our store today through our site. Walk ins are welcome!



Cannabis Flower, otherwise known as Marijuana, weed or pot flower can be used in many different ways. Cannabis Flower is often smoked in rolled up or packed in a bong. The shredded green mix of flowers, shake and leaves combined can be considered as Cannabis flower.

Cannabis Flower is the most popular form of us throughout the ages due to the methods of use and versatility. At The Stone Dispensary, we have a wide variety of strains available including Black Water Cannabis, Chem Dog Marijuana, Chem Squeeze Weed, Cherry Skunk Pot, Colin og Cannabis, Crescendo Buds, Flo Limone Cannabis, Gelato Marijuana, Gelato Cake Weed, Glue Ball Cannabis, Goji Og Pot, Granola Funk Cannabis, Grape Lean Marijuana, Hawaiian Web Cannabis, Head Doctor Cannabis, Ice Cream Cake Cannabis, Kings Banner Marijuana, Klone Cake Cannabis Flower and many more


You want Cannabis Pre-Rolls? We have Marijuana Pre-Rolls. At The Stone Dispensary, we are reputable, licensed dispensary that sells Cannabis pre-rolls that are lab-tested and approved for your safety.

Each Marijuana Pre-Roll comes with a built in filter. When you are ready to smoke, you take the filter in your mouth and light up.

The Stone Dispensary has Cannabis Pre-Rolls from Cheech Stash’s Alien Glue, Flo Limone, Tangerine Rush, Healthy Creation Edibles’s Blueberry Headband, Huckleberry, Sour Dosido, Tahoe Og, The Flower Collective’s Ethos Headband and Wedding Cake and Kaviar’s Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Cones



ur Cannabis vapes at The Stone Dispensary is utilized in the best of vaporizers. That gadget that warms up our heavenly cannabis enough to communicate its dynamic fixings of THC without consuming. Great Cannabis gadgets convey fume that emphasizes the blossom’s normal fragrance. In spite of the fact that they come in all shapes and sizes, there are work area Cannabis vapes and compact Cannabis vapes.

A work area Cannabis vape is a gadget that is intended to remain in one spot. They’re subject to a divider outlet, and most permit you to definitely change the temperature – a significant factor in Cannabis Vapes. A few models utilize a hose or an inflatable sack that loads up with fume which you then breathe in from – like a Vicks Vaporizer. Many Cannabis Vapes  are e-cigarettes or vaporizers that are altered to disintegrate cannabis rather than tobacco. Convenient Cannabis vapes can be thin and smooth like a pen or as large and massive as a Cannabis Bong.

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