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Kaos Large Beaker Crown Bong


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Kaos Large Beaker Crown Bong

Double Crown with Cannabis Bowl Setup


When it comes to quality and originality, Kaos glass water pipes are one of the best of it’s kind. This Kaos Large Beaker Crown Bong is a more basic style with an ice catcher design. Each Kaos bong has an original design and colour pattern. Most models are between 10 and 16 inches in height.


It’s obvious how much time and hard work goes into constantly coming up with new designs. But this Kaos Large Beaker Crown water pipe doesn’t disappoint, with simple accented classic style with a functional design.


Not to mention, Kaos crafts each piece carefully, ensuring a beautiful high-quality product.


There are different designs to suit everyone.


Some of these water bongs have ice catchers, while others have very intricate percolators inside. Kaos designs many of their bongs with the particularity that you can add your preference of THC oils, shatters, and other concentrates. In addition, Kaos crafts their bongs from a high-quality glass specifically designed to help give you some of the best smoking experience. Check out our Huge Strain selection so your bong doesn’t go hungry.


Make sure to check out our wide range of Edibles, Hash’s, Vapes, Concentrates and other Medicinal products.  We also carry a wide range of RAW products for all your rolling needs.  If you don’t like rolling you defiantly need to check out our Legendary, OG and Kaos Bongs, some of these designs will blow your mind.  Kaos bongs are available with Cannabis bowl attachment or Shatter and concentrate bowl attachment.  Many bowl designs to choose from including my favourite the Diamond Loop Banger 3 part bowl recycling system.


Even more, here at FireBuds Vape Store, you can find a wide variety of water pipes that are highly functional and look incredible. Find the bong that matches your personality and most importantly one that covers your smoking needs.


Always providing you with a great smoking experience.


Many people prefer bongs and for a good reason, they provide a water-cooled smoke that is easy on the lungs giving a smooth and pleasant experience. This awesome water bong is ideal for enjoying on your own and big enough to share with friends.


You can find the Kaos Large Beaker Crown Bong and many other great designs available to order online today! Find the bong that matches your personality and style here at FireBuds.



Model Number: KS 27

Height: 12 inches

Thickness: 7mm



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