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Opium Dried Cannabis Flower


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Minimum Order : 25 Pieces
Quantity : 1g
Hybrid CBD: 0.11% THC: 19%-20%
Agro Green Natural Products’ Opium is a well-balanced hybrid that contains between 19%- 20% THC. This strain offers a delightful aroma blend of fruity and woody notes. Although some have trouble with the name of the strain, others have sought it out for its medicinal benefits. Opium is a cannabis cup winning strain that may offer patients a relaxing mind and body experience.

Opium has a Sativa-esque bud structure with long buds, however, they are not as fluffy as a pure Sativa. It presents a beautiful fern green color with a lot of oranges hairs and thick trichome density.

The beautiful bouquet of aromas present in Opium is largely due to the presence of myrcene and nerolidol. Many patients have reported relaxing and calming effects from both of these dominant terpenes. Nerolidol has been utilized for its anti-parasitic, antifungal and antibacterial properties


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